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The tumor microenvironment, including the stromal tissue that surrounds cancer cells, plays a significant role tumor growth and metastasis. Carcinoma Associated Fibroblasts (CAFs) are stromal cells that secrete growth and other factors that promote cancer progression and metastasis.


A new study suggests that olfactory dysfunction or difficulty identifying scents may be a useful predictor of mortality within five years in adults aged between 57-85 years and may provide a rapid and inexpensive method for identifying older patients at risk. The study from researchers in the University of Chicago is published in the journal PLoS One on October 1st. The results suggest that olfactory dysfunction is a stronger risk...

It was long thought that the DNA that did not code for a protein was “junk DNA,” because it had no known purpose. However, now it is widely known that this part of the DNA has a significant role in the regulation of DNA transcription and other cellular processes.


A new study combining both developmental biology and palaeontology has shed light on a long-disputed question on how birds’ wings adapted for flight during evolution from dinosaurs’ wrists. It highlights the importance of coordinating data from different fields to solve scientific problems. The study, from researchers in the laboratory of Alexander Vargas in the University of Chile, is published on September 30th in the...

What helps young people stay motivated quit smoking: a positive or negative spin on the ugly truth about tobacco? For example, “smoking can kill you” or “quitting smoking reduces the risk of death due to tobacco.”


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